Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Neighborhood Watch

for most neighborhoods, there is a group that watches the problems of the neighbor hood and, if anything should happen, lets people know. well, although we are a part of that, we have one other wepon to defeat the theives...... THE EYES!!! (duh dun duuunnnnn)
one eye is named Bert, and the other is Ernie... together they are the main eyes, they "head up" the opperation. there are multiple other eyes.... depending on how many kids have decided to jump on them recently.... (I'm always the top offender)..... well, recently, mom was going through her pesky full email inbox, and came across an old email from a windstorm that we had this year, and decided to share. basically, mom sent out an e-mial letting our friends know that we had lost Bert/ernie......
"Subject: Missing eyeball
You read the subject line right - with today's wind, we had an eyeball from our roof decide to take a walk. (By the way, I'm writing from the house on Cedar that goes nuts for Halloween - the missing eyeball is one of a pair that we have (had) on the roof of our house each Halloween for years.) If you happen to see one rolling by your house, please give us a call or drop us a line. I'm afraid he'll get lonely without his twin.The description is as follows: big white round eyeball with red iris and black pupil. His name is Burt (although maybe it's Ernie - difficult to tell them apart). Friendly, but will probably not respond if you call him. Very bouncy (especially in October). It's possible that he may be a little deflated because he's missing his brother. Poor thing.Thanks! Laura "
well.... then a couple days later......
"Annie wrote:
As my husband and I were taking a morning walk with our beloved Poodle Pearl along the W & OD path, we found ourselves a bit uneasy. We began to discuss that we had a slight sense of being watched and could not determine the source. We stopped, looked around and discovered a HUGE white ball watching us from below. There between the bushes......we recognized Ernie/Bert but he did not respond when we called his name. We assured him everything was OK and my husband, risking life and limb, descended from the path and made his way between the bushes, real spiders and the like, successfully rescuing Bert. Meanwhile Pearl did not see eye-to-eye with Bert's point of view and insisted on giving him the "evil eye". bert, being so big, we had no other option but to "roll our eye" back to his rightful home. At the end, we placed him safely and told him to stay still and not even wink until his owners came home.
All the best,Annie and Robert"
my mom had to show her gratitude and sent them a quick thank you note...
" Ahhhh, this just goes to prove that there are true warriors out there (both Robert and Poodle Pearl). Please know that you have our heartfelt thanks, and the boys will remember you in their prayers each night. I hope Pearl was not too stressed by the whole situation. (Although I wish I could have read the minds of the people driving by you when you were returning our eyeball. "Um, Honey? You're not going to believe what I just saw on Cedar Lane...")
Bugs & Hisses,Laura"

Oh, what a interesting neighborood watch we have..