Thursday, January 7, 2010

Are we different? Or just into halloween?

For this family, anything goes. But how far are we willing to take it?
Far but not too far. We love to be " day dwellers" and love the nieghborhood. just don't be too frightened if we dress up early for halloween, or if you see a foot hanging out of the back of the car!
I have a memory of when i was about six or seven when my dad and i were taking a bike ride on a windy October day. Before Halloween, but we still had all of the decorations up.
as we were riding we saw a family of five struggling to keep a big sheet of plasic on the ground while they atached some frightfull decorations to it. All of a sudden the wind picked up and both dad and i jumped off the bikes to grab the sheet; we have that problem all the time, and we have a system to hold it down.
The family thanked us, and asked us if we could help them for just a couple minuites. they were setting up a haunted house in thier backyard. We talked over the wind and soon they were telling us of all of their favorite halloween houses. We were happy to find that we made the top of the list. The family on the other hand didn't know that we lived in the Halloween house. " We love the house," they said " but we can't help wondering what happens after the decorations come down. Is the family gothic? Wev'e seen candels in the windows." Dad and i struggled to keep our faces still. We are quite the opposite! we just kept talking about the house untill the family said they were finished, and thanks again for all the help. We folded the sheet up, and as we handed it to them we softly said " your welcome, and by the way... we live in the Halloween House, and no, we are not gothic." i wish i could explain their faces. Dad and i silently laughing hopped on the bikes to resume our ride.
I think that the family was too embarresed to move. When we passed the house on the way back, they were still standing there, not frozen with shock, but talking and making motions toward Cedar Lane. We saw them that halloween and they apologised. We told them not to worry, but the story was deffinetally going to stick around for a while! indeed it has! Every year we ask each other" Candles this year, or is it too gothic?" every year the candles stayed ( untill last year, when we gave up... they were old candles that needed batteries.)
So, no, we are not gothic! Happy New year, and keep halloween in your mind!

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