Monday, October 11, 2010

halloween report: number one,the history of hallows eve!

Here lies a man that was Knott born,
his father was Knott before him,
he lived Knott and died Knott
yet underneath this stone doth lie
Jhon Knott, Sheffield, England

Happy October! This October, halloween brings on a semi-controversal topic.
Halloween falls on a sunday this year. some church goers may tend to think that this means that we ought not to celebrate it, but in terms of tradition, think again.
Shall we begin with some history? Ole Hallows Eve began with a simple idea one religious man shared with another... ( set the stage now) Two middle aged men are sitting on very comfortable chairs in a church somewhere... perhaps england? some where around a gothic time period. Just chatting. one looks to the other and says: " say peter, I think that because 'tis autum and all the leaves seem to be dying, that all those evil spirits come out tonight because they hold their power in the night." "really george?What ever shall we do?" "Well how about we tell tell everyone to dress up in frigthfull attire and scare the daylights out of the spirits?That will give us 364 days of peace from those spirits ( Remember, Ben Franklin hasnt been around yet to to invent the whole leap year concept.) " Good idea! I'll get right on it!"
Okay, apart from the odd exchange of diolouge, halloween was created to protect the church goers from harm! Many people don't know this history lesson, and think that halloween was created for the opposite reason, instead of having us scaring the spirits away ( or more realistically nowadays, making them laugh so hard that they are incapable of doing anything else, because the idea of a pretty pink princess in a tutu of doing them any harm is priceless), people may believe that we are honoring them. In some towns, children are not getting their yearly stash of halloween candy, or any year that halloween falls on a sunday.
I'm not saying that i do not understand their beliefs, or i dont respect them, but i just wonder which of people who say halloween should be canceled this year know this.

Ghoul out!

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