Monday, October 11, 2010

halloween Report: number two. depressed eye.

In Memory of Beza. Wood
departed this life
nov 2 1837
aged 45 years
here lies one wood
enclosed in wood
one wood within another
the outter wood is very good
we cannot praise the other.
Beza Wood, Winslow, Maine, 1837

dad and i have been ahead of everyone else( as usual) in terms of putting the halloween decor up. so that means the spider and the web ( cement spider and 10 ft diam web), graveyard ( amusing and true toumbstones), the invisible man ( sunbathing in the nude of course) are up. so what else is there to add? today, it was the eyeballs( on the roof.)
if you read the tales of our eyeballs ( neighborhood watch) below, you know that they are big yoga balls that we painted to look like eyeballs. we tie them to the roof of our house and they watch the on goings of the night.
well yesterday dad and i put them up and ran out to the store to get some food for dinner, when we came back, one of the eyes ( ernie) was deflated... the house had it's first ever flat. ( you think your car had problems.... )
now the question remains what do we do? Use the smaller triplets ( harrry, ron and hermione?) in his place, or put ron and herminone up on either side, we could also leave the house as a cyclops. any of these work, or any different version of it. My friends have been asked for a solution, and hopeflly will telll me ernies replacement solution.

This post is in fond memory of Ernie Ball. may you allways keep a watchfull eye o'er us. Rip.

ghoul out.

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